Miss Patricia Boorman

Consultant Colorectal Surgeon


About Miss Boorman

Miss Boorman information including her profile, consultations, fees and locations.

Miss Boorman is able to see patients in Exeter, Devon for a consultation for private treatment of a wide range of colorectal conditions. 

Patients are usually offered an appointment within 7-10 days and any further investigations or interventions within 2 weeks of that appointment.

Miss Boorman's Profile

Check out Miss Boorman's profile showcasing her background, training and also her wide range of experience in colorectal conditions.
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Information about the procedure to arrange a consultation with Miss Boorman, either by GP referal, self referal and private insurrance options.
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Information about fees for the range of colorectal procedures and treatments offered by Miss Boorman.
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Miss Boorman can see patients in Exeter, Devon at Exeter Medical, Admiral House or the Exeter Nuffield Health Hospital.
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Patient Testimonials

Take a look at some of the testimonials patients provide for Miss Boorman's, sometimes life changing for her patients.
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Contact Miss Boorman

Get in touch via phone or online to book a consultation with Miss Boorman and take control of your condition.
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