Miss Patricia Boorman

Consultant Colorectal Surgeon


Consultations with Miss Boorman

Information about a consultation with Miss Boorman.

For appointments regarding general surgical problems including abdominal and groin hernias, bowel disease and screening, a GP referral letter is preferred. A consultation with your GP is not always necessary to obtain this.

You can also self refer.

Patients are usually offered an appointment within 7-10 days and any further investigations or interventions within 2 weeks of that appointment.

GP referral by email or post

On receipt of the GP referral you will be contacted and offered the next available appointment. Details on the referral will be checked with you to ensure they are correct and if you are insured you will be asked to bring your policy number and an authorisation for the consultation to the appointment.

A letter is then posted to you (or emailed if time is short) with a couple of forms to complete with the appointment card detailing the date, time information.

Directions will be on the card and in your confirmation letter.

Miss Boorman’s private rooms are at the Nuffield Hospital and procedures are at the Nuffield Hospital and the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital.

Self Referral by phone

You will be asked if you have seen your GP and if you can ask for a referral to be emailed containing current medical status, past medical history, medications and allergies.

Your personal details will be taken and then the process followed as per the GP referral process above.

You will be asked to confirm a brief description of your issue to ensure you are seeing the correct consultant in order to not waste your time or money. If you are insured you will be asked to contact the insurance company for authorisation to see Miss Boorman.

If a procedure is necessary then once you have been seen you will be offered one of Miss Boorman’s theatre slots at the Nuffield Hospital. Ideally a procedure can be carried out the following week but this is not always the case as the Exeter Nuffield have deadlines which the surgeon must adhere to but an earliest time is sought which matches both your and the consultants availability.

A procedure code is given to you at consultation or shortly afterwards which you pass if insured to the insurer and another authorisation is given to you by the insurer for the procedure.

If you are not insured the cost will be discussed with you and then the Business office at the Nuffield or the Private Patients office at the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital will contact you directly.

Payment must be received prior to the procedure.

Please note the hospitals deal with you directly regarding payments for the procedure.

Exeter Medical will only take actual payments for your consultant appointments. If insured the insurance company will be invoiced for the procedure by the surgeon, by the anaesthetist and by the hospital (three invoices).

Jilly Conibear is Miss Boorman's PA/Medical Secretary.

Contact Ria on 01392 262127 or online using our form.

Consultation Appointment Times

Exeter Nuffield Health Hospital - Colorectal Surgeon Miss Patricia Boorman

Surgery and endoscopy are usually performed at Exeter Nuffield.

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Telephone: 01392 249755 

For second opinions regarding potential bowel surgery or abdominal wall reconstruction an assessment may be carried out without a GP letter.

However, for a fully informative discussion, consent from your GP and results of radiological and pathological investigations considerably improve the accuracy of the discussion.

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